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Non Woven Tensile Tester



Non Woven Tensile Tester DLS-07 is used for dertermine tensile strength, peel strength, deformation rate, tear strength, heat seal strength, puncture power, low unwind force and other performance for plastic films, laminated films, bags, paper, plastic products, and other sticky materials. Plastic film universal tensile strength tester can be customized according to different test fixtures to meet various tension and compression tests. Rally stepless unique features to meet the speed requirements for different tests, is a multi-purpose test equipment welcomed by various inspection agencies, research institutions and food drug companies.     

Non Woven Tensile Tester DLS-07 DLS-07


Test principle

The sample was clamped between two fixture chuck of plastic film universal tensile strength tester, two chuck do relative motion. Collect the strength and displacement changes in the progress of test by clamp head force value sensor and built-in displacement sensor to calculate the specimen tensile , tear, strain rate and other performance indicators.






Non vowen Used for testing the tensile, deformation, tear, heat sealing, bonding and other properties of non vowen, paper, Diaper bottom film
Napkins and diapers Used for testing the tensile, deformation, tear, heat sealing, bonding and other properties of Sanitary napkins and diapers

Plastic film

Used for testing the tensile, deformation, tear, heat sealing, bonding and other properties of plastic film, composite material, flexible packaging material, plastic hose diaphragm and so on.

IMG_260 Paper

Used for tensile, peeling, deformation, tear, heat sealing, bonding and other performance testing of products such as paper and paper.

Adhesive tape

Tensile tester used for adhesive, adhesive tape, stickers, medical patch, paper and other products from stretching, stripping, deformation, tearing, heat sealing and adhesion test.

Emplastrum Plastic film universal tensile strength tester used for adhesive, adhesive tape, stickers, medical patch, release paper, protective film products such as tensile, peeling, deformation and tearing performance test.


Technical Feature

★Seven independent test modes are available, including tensile strength, peeling force, tearing force and other force properties of flexible packages

★Computer, microcomputer double operating systems can switch Infinitely variable speed is available, within 1-500mm/mm

★Plastic film universal tensile strength tester is controlled by micro-computer ,Large touch screen operation and display, Simple and fast HMI

★Intelligent designs of over-travel protection, overload protect, automatic position reset and power failure memory for safe test operation

★The instrument is designed by parameter setting, printing, view data, reset, calibration and other functions

★Computer storage testing data, can be checked by various forms

★Professional testing software, standard RS232 port, Network interface supports LAN centralized data management and internet information transmission. 


Main Specifications


Load Sell Capacity

50N,500N ,1500N 2000N

Test Speed

1-500 mm/min (stepless)


0.5 FS

Displacement Accuracy

± 0.5% 

Sample Width

50mm (30mm/ 80 mm Other fixtures can be customized)





Net weight





Relative Humidity

No more than 80%,no dewdrop

Power Supply




ISO 37, ASTM E4, ASTM D882, ASTM D1938, ASTM D3330, ASTM F88,ASTM F904, JIS P8113



Standard configurations: Plastic film universal tensile strength tester host, Universal fixture, Professional Software and Communication Cable

Optional configurations: Computer,Standard Pressure Roller, Test Plate, Sample Cutter, 90 Degree peeling Grip, Puncture Grip and Customized Grips


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