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Analysis of sealing test method


The life of a lot of items are needed to test the sealing performance is good not to disclose, commonly used in the industry Positive pressure sealing device The sealing performance of MFY-06 with negative pressure sealing instrument MFY-05 to detect the goods required.


Tools / materials: mainframe, vacuum chamber, test rack, micro printer

Positive pressure sealing test method 

1, the gas will not cover cut anti-theft ring, sealing with rated torque of not less than 1.2N.M, 200KPa pressure, pressure 1min under water, observe whether the leak or talk.

 2, the gas will not cover cut anti-theft rings, with not less than 1.2N.M rated torque closure, sealing tester, 690KPa pressure, pressure 1min under water, observe whether the leak, then the pressure increased to 1207KPa, pressure 1min, observe whether cap talk.

negative pressure Sealing tester test method

1, the right connecting pipe for compressed air and vacuum output, into the bucket of water is higher than that in SkyDrive 1-3cm, waiting for the test.

2, connected to gas source, the regulation of pressure regulating valve, the air inlet pressure maintained at between 0.6-0.8Mpa, in order to ensure the stability of test.

3, connect the power supply, open the instrument right rear switch device, the pressure holding time and vacuum meter display.

4, adjust vacuum and pressure holding time.

5, After the completion of 5, set the sample sealed by SkyDrive under water, cover the lid.

6, press the start button, automatically start the test instrument, negative pressure meter reaches the set value, the timer starts timing, arrived at the holding time after completion of the test instrument of automatic pressure relief.

7, the sealing performance observation of barrel sample pressure in the process of judgment.

      Matters needing attention

1, can open the lid sealed vacuum dropped to around 0.

2, the correct use of the gas source, such as a dangerous disconnect air supply.


Many articles in daily life need to be tested for good sealing performance without leakage. In the industry, positive pressure sealing instrument MFY-06 and negative pressure sealing instrument MFY-05 are commonly used to test the sealing performance of the articles in need

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