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Ampoule bottle break force tester



Ampoule Bottles Break Force Tester ZDY-01 is mainly used to test breaking force of ampoule bottlenecks seperate from bottle. Ampoule bottle break force tester required to meet GB2637,YBB00332002 standards for frangible ampoule breaking power plant requirements. ZDY-01 fully autometic control mode, the large touch screen to display the entire testing process curve,automatically save print results.equipped with 1ml,25ml,10ml,20ml five test stand for quick replacement. With professional testing software,test results meet customer demands:long-term preservation. ZDY-01 is a high performance and easy to use which is highly appreciated by drug testing agency, ampoule production plants,pharmaceutical companies and other units.


Ampoule Bottles Break Force Tester  ZDY-01


Test principle

Put ampoule bottle break force tester sample clamped between two chuck, two clip do relative movement, seperate bottleneck and body through special clamp head to test force value and displacement value change during the procedure and calculated the corresponding strength data. 







Ampoule bottle break force tester test breaking force for seperate ampoule neck and body for  all capacity ampoule.


Technical feature

★The instrument is controlled by micro-computer , Large touch screen operation and display, Simple and fast HMI

★Professional computer software operating system to facilitate the users to connect a computer data storage, analysis and printing

★Imported sensor system, test the accuracy of force to break ahead in the industry, to effectively guarantee the accuracy of test results

★Compact structure, ingenious structure design, humanization

★Screw adjustable speed drive system to ensure the accuracy of the test speed and displacement

★Ampoule bottle break force tester is equipped with save and micro-printer fuction, fast printing results

★Professional humane fixture, which could be applied to replace the sample sizes

★Limit protection, automatic back intelligent configuration to ensure the safe operation of the user's


Main Specification

Technical parameter

Test range

0-300N (Other stroke customized)

Test accuracy


Test speed

10mm/min(1-500mm/min Stepless)

Speed accuracy


Bracket Distance 


Machine size




Environment requirements

Environment temperature


Relative humidity

No more than 80%,no dewdrop

Power supply





Ampoule bottle break force tester host, microprinter,break force fixture,test fixture(1ml,2ml,5ml,10ml,20ml ),software,cable

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