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Free falling dart impact tester



Free falling dart impact tester  BMC-AB  is used for determine the impact mass and energy when plastic film or sheet sample broken at a given height by free-falling ball. Free falling dart impact testing machine controlled by microcomputer, automatic calculation sample resistance to impact energy and impact curve, specimen clamping fixture, with double cylinder clamping, foot switch operation, make the whole experiment process simple, convenient . Free falling dart impact tester is widely used in the quality inspection agencies, packaging production enterprises etc.



Free falling dart impact tester  BMC-AB


 Test principle

First select test method, then estimate the initial quality and △ m value to begin test.If the first sample damaged,reduce quality by weight △ m ; If the first sample not damaged ,increase weight by a weight △ m in order to test the quality. In short, the use of weight to reduce or increase the quality depending on the previous sample damaged or not. Calculate total N damaged sample after test 20 , if N is equal to 10, the test is completed; if N is less than 10, to continue the test until the supplementary sample N equals 10; if N is bigger than 10, continue until the not damaged sample total the equal to 10; Finally calculate impact results by the falling dart impact tester automatically .








Falling dart impact tester used for determine the impact mass and energy for films

IMG_259 Plastic laminated films It is used for determine the impact mass and energy for plastic laminated films

Paper-based laminated films

Used for determine the impact mass and energy for paper-based laminated films

Aluminized films

It is used for determine the impact mass and energy for aluminized films


Technical feature

★Microcomputer control, large LCD, PVC menu-driven user interface
★A, B dual test mode, built-in lights to observe the specimen pneumatic clamping, release, to facilitate users to quickly and accurately test operation
★Dart electromagnetic absorption hanging automatically released, effectively avoid systematic errors caused by human factors
★Two kinds of manual and pedal start mode, easy to operate
★Computing system automatically determine the test status, excellent color screen
★American Standard and GB standard dual test mode for easy selection
★Free falling dart impact tester is equipped with micro-printer
★Specialized computer software to support multiple unit test results show that the testing process graphic display, output and print functions, clearly and directly to the test results presented to the user
★Standard RS232 interface for easy connection of computers and LAN


 Main Specification

Technical parameter

Measurement Method  

Method A;Method B

Test Range 

Method A:50-2000g; Method B 300-2000g

Test Accuracy  


Sample Clamp


Sample Dimension 


Machine size

Method A:480mm×470mm×1470mm

Method B:480mm×470mm×2160mm

Net Weight


Environment requirements

Air Pressure

0.6 Mpa(User-Supply)

Environment temperature


Relative humidity

No more than 70%,no dewdrop

Power supply



ISO 7765-1, ASTM D1709, JIS K7124-1


Free falling dart impact tester host, A method and B method configuration, mini-printers, computer software, cables 

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