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The adhesive paste tester NLT-30 is suitable for the determination of adhesive force, such as plaster, patch, rubber paste, gel and so on. It is widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturers, drug testing centers and other units.

Adhesion Tester NLT-30


Technical characteristics

★Microcomputer control, PVC menu operation interface, large LCD display process curve;

★The special material of the instrument test bench shall be in strict accordance with the standard requirements;

★The sensor system adopts components, with stable and reliable performance;

★It is equipped with micro printer to quickly output experimental results;

★Professional software provides statistical analysis of test results, and accurately and intuitively displays the test results to users;

★It is equipped with RS232 interface to facilitate the external connection and data transmission between the system and the computer.


Main parameter

Technical parameter        
Range  30000mN(other can be customized) 
accuracy 0.5 level
Trip 0-260mm(be set)
Roller quality  2000g±20g
Outward Size 600mm×370mm×260mm(L*W*H)
Weight   36Kg
Working temperature 15℃-35℃
Humidity less than70%,No condensation
power  220V,50Hz



Adhesive Force in the Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China, 2021 Version  



Standard Configuration: Main Machine, Micro Printer, Press Roller, Fixture, Pull Rod, Cable



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