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Absorption Speed Tester



Absorption Speed Tester XSL-60 is used for automatic test of absorption speed of various hygroscopic materials such as sanitary napkins, pads, women's sanitary trousers, non-woven fabrics, etc. Meet the GB / T 8939-2018 sanitary napkin (PAD) standard, GB/T 3939-2021 widely used in sanitary products manufacturers, third-party testing institutions.



Absorption Speed Tester XSL-60


Technical characteristics 

★Touch screen test process curve, clear

★The test process is completed automatically, and the absorption speed and statistical average value of each material are calculated automatically, which saves the trouble of manual work and avoids the error
★The absorption rate of each material was calculated automatically and the average,Max,Min value of 10 times 
★The instrument can automatically store no less than 500 groups of data, which is convenient for users to query   historical data
★The product batch number, serial number and other information can be entered to facilitate comparison
★It is equipped with micro printer, which can quickly print test results
★It has the remote upgrade function of ISP to meet the subsequent program upgrade and standard change
★It is equipped with R232  port to realize LAN communication and connect with user data system


Technical parameter            

Technical parameter    
Liquid volume 5ml
Sensor accuracy ±0.1ml
Time range 0.01s-999.99s
Test module size 76mmX80mm
Test module weight 127.0±2.5g
Seat size 230mmX80mm
Out side size 600mm*500mm*520mm
Weight 40kg
Working temperature 15℃-50℃
Relative humidity No more than 80%, no condensation
Power 220V 50Hz

Reference standard 

GB/T 8939-2018   GB/T39391-2021   



Host, micro printer, touch screen, test bottle, arc type sample holder, test module


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