Product name:

Puncture force tester CCY-02

Model: CCY-02
Classification: Medical package tester
Product access times:
  • Software operating system
  • Imported sensor system
  • Equipped with a microprinter

Puncture force tester CCY-02

        Puncture force tester CCY-02 is applied to test various kinds of materials such as thin film, composite film, battery separator, artificial skin, medicine packaging rubber plug, combination cover, oral liquid cover and other materials. Widely used in quality inspection institutions, testing institutions, packing factory, pharmaceutical factory, food factory and other units.

Puncture force tester

Puncture force tester CCY-02

 Test principle

        The specimen clamped between two chuck and do relative motion. Conduct piercing or opening test through special clamp head. Collect the strength and displacement changes in the progress of test by force test and control system to calculate the corresponding force value data.





Plastic film

Used for test puncture strength for various kinds of thin films, battery diaphragm and other materials

    Composite membrane                       

It is used puncture strength for testing all kinds of composite films, film, cooking bags and other materials

Polypropylene composition cover
It is used for puncture strength for rubber plug and oral liquid cap etc..

           Injection needle
Puncture force tester is used to test the puncture strength test of artificial skin, injection needle and other materials.

Technical feature

★Very large LCD testing process, PVC operating panel
★Professional computer software operating system, convenient for users to connect the computer for data storage, analysis and printing
★Imported sensor system, the test precision way ahead in the industry, effectively guarantee the accuracy of the test result
★You can also test the puncture force and pull-out force of two numerical
★This screw drive system speed adjustable, ensure the test speed and displacement accuracy
★It is equipped with a micro printer, fast printing results
★This humanized fixture can be replaced for different size samples
★Puncture force tester can meet the requirements of the standard requirements of different puncture force test

 Main Specification

Technical parameter

Test range

0-300N (Other stroke customized)

Test accuracy


Test speed

1-500mm/min Stepless

Speed accuracy






Environment requirements

Environment temperature


Relative humidity

No more than 80%,no dewdrop

Power supply





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