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Friction and Peel Tester FPT-03

Model: FPT-03
Classification: Plastic package tester
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  • Professional operating software
  • Conforms to multiple standards
  • Sophisticatedball screw drive transmission

Friction and Peel Tester FPT-03

        Friction and Peel Tester FPT-03 is used for determine small force peel strength for all kinds of adhesive composite products including mobile phone touch screen,film,paint coating,release paper, protective film etc..Friction and peel tester equipped with high precision sensor to ensure test precision. Drive screw system meet all kinds of test speed adjust freedom, is a high performance, multi-function testing equipment. It is the ideal testing machine for packaging manufacturers, adhesive products industry, quality inspection institutions, electrical manufacturing companies, paint manufacturers .


Friction and Peel Tester

 Friction and Peel Tester FPT-03





Film friction tester


Film friction tester test friction or peeling force for film

Composite membrane
Test friction or peeling force for composite membrane

Paper It is used for test friction or peeling force for paper

Aluminum plastic composite bag
Test friction or peeling force for aluminum plastic composite bag
Mobile phone touch screen friction tester Mobile phone touch screen
Test friction or peeling force for mobile phone touch screen

Released paper Test friction or peeling force for released paper

Resist film Test friction or peeling force for resist film

Medical patch
Test friction or peeling force for medical patch

Technical feature

★Two testing modes are available including coefficient of friction test and 180° peel test
★Equipment is controlled by micro-computer with menu interface and large LCD display curves
★Supports setting for any mass of sled, widening the range of application
★The instrument conforms to multiple standards of GB, ISO, ASTM and TAPPI,the user could select testing methods as required
★The sliding plane and the sled are treated by degaussing and remanence detection which be strict with the standard’s requirements
★Friction and peel tester equipped with famous load cell, which has stable performance
★Sophisticated ball screw drive transmission, 1-500mm/min speed stepless, which can meet different requirements
★Equipped with micro printer, outputting testing results quickly
★Professional operating software supports superposition analysis of test curves, showing the testing results to the user accurately
★Equipped with RS232 port which is convenient to the data transmission and PC connection

 Main Specification

Technical parameter

Capacity Range   






Mess of Sled 

200g,500g(Other mass Customized)

Test Speed 

1-500 mm/min(settable)

Sled Size 

Machine size




Environment requirements

Environment temperature


Relative humidity

No more than 70%,no dewdrop

Power supply



      ISO8295,ISO8510-2,GB 10006,GB/T2790,GB/T2791,GB/T 2792,ASTM D1894,ASTM D4917,ASTM D3330,TAPPI T816,TAPPI T549


     Friction and peel tester standard configurations: Host, Peeling Grips, Sled of 200g, Sled of 500g, Professional Software and Communication Cable
     Friction and peel tester optional configurations:Test Plate, Sample Cutter, Customized Sled, Customized Sample Grips, Load Cell and Computer


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