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Cosmetic bottle leakage tester MFY-06

Model: MFY-06
Classification: Plastic package tester
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  • Professional computer software
  • High-precision sensor
  • Seven independent test modes

Cosmetic bottle leakage tester  

     Cosmetic bottle leakage tester  MFY-06 is designed for test seal leakage,explosion rupture strength,fatigue strength etc.. for plastic security caps,composite hoses,packaging bags,composite cylinder,sphygmomanometer wall capsule,compositee paper cup,aseptic packaging,medicl equipment,pressure vessels etc.. Cosmetic bottle leakage tester have seven separate test functions, large LCD shows the experimental process curve. User finish different material test with different test apparatus. intelligent leak tester is a multi-purpose high-performance sealing test equipment, widely used in quality inspection institutions, medical equipment, food factories, pharmaceutical companies, packaging, manufacturing and other industries.

Cosmetic bottle leakage tester

Cosmetic bottle leakage tester  MFY-06 

 Test principle

        To inject a certain positive pressure gas in the sample, after a certain pressure maintaining time.Cosmetic bottle leakage tester determine whether a specimen seal intact. Or inject gas at a certain speed to test Maximum pressure value when sample to be tested blasting. 






 Plastic anti-theft bottle cap                                              

Determine the sealing performance of various materials such as anti - theft bottle cap packing bag and so on. All kinds of anti-theft cap sealing performance and trip strength test. Including coke bottle cap, mineral water, pure water bottle cap, beverage bottle cap, etc.

 Plastic hose

Quantitative determination of all kinds of plastic hose, tube sealing performance, compressive strength, cap connection strength, strength, heat release intensity, edge sealing index butting strength.

 Cylindrical composite jar    

All kinds of chips and composite cylinder cups cover opening force test.

 Aerosol valve

Test sealing performance of various aerosol valves. Including a variety of pesticides, mousse, gel water, spray, spray paint and other medicinal.

 Alastic packing bag

Test edge sealing strength, heat sealing quality, and the whole bag burst pressure, seal leakage, creep test performance quantification for all kinds of heat sealing and bonding process of the formation of packages, aseptic packaging parts and other 

 Automobile safety air bag 

To detect the sealing strength of automobile safety air bag.

 Sterile medical instrument package                                                                          

Determine sealing performance and breaking strength of medical equipment, such as aseptic packaging bag, and so on.

  Blood pressure

Test multiple fatigue and sealing performance performed on the wall capsule of the blood pressure.

Technical feature

★Cosmetic bottle leakage tester  is equipped with large LCD displaying testing curves, PVC operation panel
★Professional computer software operating system can be connected with computer which supports data storage, analysisand printing
★High-precision sensor ensures testing accuracy
★Seven independent test modes are available, including cover opening force, Pilfer-proof Closures, Creep test, flexible tubes, creep- failure test, aerosol valves, creep to failure test, which are convenient for customer’s choice
★Based on the positive pressure method, dual test methods of restraint distension and unrestraint distension
★Equipped with micro printer, which can print testing results rapidly
★Can be extended to many other testing items by changing different clamps

 Main Specification

Technical parameter

Test range

0~250kPa;0~36.3 psi(Optional)
0 ~1.2 MPa;  0 ~ 174.2psi(Optional)

Test accuracy


Air connection

Ф8mm Polyurethane Tube 

Machine size




Environment requirements

Environment temperature


Relative humidity

No more than 80%,no dewdrop

Power supply



      ASTM F1140,ASTM F2054,ISO 11607-1,ISO 11607-2,GB/T 17876,GB/T 10004,GB/T 10005,BB/T 0003,BB/T 0025,QB/T 1871,YBB 00252005,YBB 00162002GB 10440,GB 18454,GB 19741,GB 17447,etc..


     Standard configurations: Cosmetic bottle leakage tester  host, Test Frame and Micro-printer
     Optional configurations: Test Accessories Professional Software and Communication Cable
     Note: Customers will need to prepare for gas supply.


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