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Top load & Crush resistance testers ZY-500

Model: ZY-500
Classification: PET bottle test machine
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  • Top load tester
  • Intelligent designs of over-travel protection
  • Professional testing software

Top load & Crush resistance testers ZY-500

     Top load & Crush resistance testers ZY-500 is used for test vertical load compressive strength, compressive strength, the bottle pressure and other performance for a variety of carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, plastic bottles, cans etc.. The instrument uses a ball screw drive system, enabling stepless speed, vertical load applied to each flask pressure test. Users simply place the sample between the clamps, the instrument will complete the entire testing process, professional testing software automatically records the entire test curves. Top load & Crush resistance testers for all quality inspection agencies, beverage plants, packaging materials manufacturer.   

Top load & Crush resistance testers

Top load & Crush resistance testers ZY-500

 Test principle

      The specimen clamped between two chuck and do relative motion. Collect the strength and displacement changes in the progress of test by clamp head force value sensor and built-in displacement sensor to calculate the sample performance index compression strength. 





Mineral water bottle

It is used for test top pressure strength for a variety of mineral water bottles, plastic bottles ,etc..


Top load & Crush resistance testers could test load pressure strength for all kinds of cans,bottles.

Cylindrical composite tank

Used for test all kinds of cylindrical composite cans and other related products  top pressure strength.

Carbonated beverage bottle

Top load & Crush resistance testers test vertical load pressure strength, top pressure strength, pressure and other bottle performance test for a variety of carbonated beverage bottles .

Technical Feature

★Microcomputer control, menu-driven interface, PVC operation panel, and a large LCD display
★Computer control system, microcomputer control system can be switched
★CVT test speed adjustment can be achieved various test within 1-500mm / min
★Limit protection, overload protection, automatic back, and smart down memory configuration to ensure the safe operation of the user's
★Top load & Crush resistance testers with parameter settings, print, view, clear, calibration and many other features
★Computer store test data , multi-form queries adjustable.
★Professional control software provides statistical analysis of the vertical load pressure group sample test curve superimposed on a variety of practical features analysis and comparison of historical data, etc.
★Professional testing software, standard RS232 interface, network transmission interface for LAN data management and information transmitted over the Internet

Adhesive holding power tester specification Main Specifications




Vacuum Accuracy


Test Speed

1-300 mm/min Stepless

Displacement Accuracy


Sample Diameter

≤ 150mm
Height Range
≤ 600mm



Net weight





Relative Humidity

No more than 80%,no dewdrop

Power Supply


Adhesive tape tensile tester standard Standard

     QB/T 1868,GB/T10440,QB 2357,BB/T 0044,GB/T 17200

Adhesive tape tensile tester configuration Configuration


    Standard Configurations: Top load & Crush resistance testers host, pressure clamps, mini printer
    Optional Configurations: Test software, communication cable.

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