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Beer, liquor sold in the market a lot of brands, but also people like a drink, beer bottles on the market for more glass bottles, neck thin rough shape, the air after the nail on the bottle cap, you can leave the factory. Similar bottles of water are prone to explosion at high temperatures, which is often seen in the summer news. In the beer and liquor industry, as everyone knows, a beer bottle is a low pressure container. When a bottle is pressurized more than a glass bottle, a bottle explosion occurs. In order to prevent such incidents, enterprises that produce beer bottles can pay more attention to the following physical indicators:

                                                                                                               Glass bottle internal pressure tester NLY-03

1, internal pressure, internal pressure is one of the most important security index of beer bottle products, because of beer filled with certain CO2. Therefore, beer bottle as a beverage bottle filling CO2 should strictly comply with the provisions of the requirements of internal pressure GB4544. The existing provisions of the standard of our qualified index is more than 1.2MPa (developed countries are more than 1.6MPa, the Japan international standards for 1.8MPa), otherwise, the beer bottle internal pressure is not enough, will cause the beer bottles in the filling, transportation, consumption in the process of using explosion bottle. Test data show that the impact of individual miscellaneous bottle recycling rate is low and select bottles 25% bottles.
2, the impact strength of glass bottle the biggest weakness is brittle, the glass beer bottles in the production of packaging, beer filling, transportation and use in the process of circulation, collision between the bottle or bottle and other hard object collision occurs frequently. This kind of collision, will make the mechanical strength of beer bottle was significantly decreased, due to the current consumption habits and beer bottle recycling management problems, the strength of beer bottle straight down, the quality is poor, the impact back with a beer bottle number index reduction makes it difficult to resist the normal collision, this also to the bottle explosion hidden trouble. Test data show that the hybrid recovery bottle shock qualified rate of newer bottles and select bottles of low 36-40%.
3, mark: according to relevant national standard, beer bottle products must be in a "bottle root B" special marking and production season, in order to differentiate the beer bottles and other glass bottles, such as yellow wine, soy sauce bottle etc..  Through the compulsory implementation of beer bottle special bottles in recent years, a large number of non B bottles have been eliminated, which has played a better role in eliminating such bottles as rice wine bottles and so on in a historical period. But there are still 46 logo does not meet the standard bottle 224 bottles in this test, two security index of these bottles (internal pressure and impact), the qualified rate was only 46.7%.
      To sum up, beer bottles, white bottles of attention indicators manufacturers in the bottle before leaving the factory, we must consider the detection of several items of testing instruments. Ji'nan sumspring Instrument Co.,ltd is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of glass bottle detection equipment in R & D, can test the beer bottle internal pressure, impact resistance, thermal shock resistance, bottle verticality deviation and wall thickness of the bottom thickness, internal stress and other physical indicators in strict accordance with the standards. Sumspring has been a high-quality high skilled R & D team, can provide for their own technical solutions for glass bottles of beer bottle production and use of enterprise. Spring Festival is approaching, but also beer, liquor purchase of the golden season, once again suggest that you should pay attention to the beer brand and bottle quality in the purchase and consumption of beer, to ensure safety, easy to use.

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