Polariscope Best sale   Release time:2017-08-10

Our company export polariscope to Uzbekistan pharmaceutical factory PHARMA DEVICE, highly praised by customers.


The polariscope produced by our company applies the principle of polarized light interference to check the internal stress of glass or the birefringent effect of crystal. The instrument is equipped with sensitive color film, and the application of 1/4 wave compensation method, so the instrument is not only based on polarization field interference in the color sequence, measurement of internal stress in glass qualitative or semi quantitative, numerical measurement of internal stress in glass also can accurately determine the amount of.
       The instrument has stable performance and advanced technology. With hierarchical authority management function, it can print test results directly, and has obvious technical advantages in similar products. The instrument exported to Iran, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Holland and more than 10 countries, received widespread praise.
       In addition, customers have investigated our testing equipment, such as the round runout tester and the axle deviation tester, and look forward to further cooperation at the later stage


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