Medicinal glass bottle detection index   Release time:2017-01-22

Medicinal glass bottles are directly exposed to drugs, and need to be stored for a certain period of time. Therefore, the quality of medicinal glass bottles is very important to the quality assurance of pharmaceuticals. This is closely related to people's own security. Medicinal glass bottle with special standard, strict requirements, new standards to determine the same kind of products according to different materials for different standard principles, greatly expand the scope of the standard coverage, enhance the various Xinyaoteyao of different material, different product performance suitability and selectivity, the material requirements of the main medicinal glass bottle the following assessment index:
A. coefficient of thermal expansion
Two types of borosilicate glass completely in line with international standards. Low borosilicate glass is unique to China, so it is not stipulated in the international standard. Sodium calcium glass ISO provisions for (8 ~ 10) * 10-6K-1, and the new standard for the (7.6 ~ 9) * 10-6K-1, slightly stricter than ISO.
B2O3 B. content
Two kinds of borosilicate glass with ISO.
Water resistance of C. 121
Two kinds of borosilicate glass and sodium calcium glass are in line with ISO.

The performance of glass products is different from that of glass. This new standard not only conforms to international standards but also needs to meet international standards. Evaluation of the performance of the main indicators of the following items:
Water resistance of A. inner surface
B. Thermal shock resistance: international standard requirements borosilicate glass 60 DEG C, sodium calcium glass at 42 degrees C, the new standards are the same as ISO.
C. Stress: ISO 50nm/mm other products for ampoule, 40nm/mm, the new standard is 40nm/mm.
D. Internal pressure: ISO molding pressure infusion bottles and injection molded bottles in 600Kpa.
Ji'nan Sanquan in experimental instrument Stone Limited is the senior packaging materials testing equipment manufacturers, packaging industry for this detection test puncture strength glass thermal shock performance, the rubber plug cap, ampoule bottle breaking force, breaking resistance strength testing, pharmaceutical packaging tearing test of aluminium foil, vial runout test, the bottle bottom thick wall thickness detection, detection of the internal stress of glass bottles and other physical items. More technical information may be concerned about sumspring WeChat public understanding.

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