India customer come to visit our Lab   Release time:2016-11-01

      Jinan Sumspring received customers from India warmly.This time they took the food packaging production testing equipment and other procurement projects to China to conduct field visits.In the food packaging testing project, after a number of comparison,Sumspring was selected as a partner finally.On-site order:Sealing tester, heat sealing tester, tensile testing machine, bottle cap torque tester, etc.

heat seal tester     

Heat seal tester RSY-03

     In the visit process,through the company's technical engineers on-site demonstration and answer their questions,the customser affirmed the accuracy and operability of our testing equipment, highly praised the professionalism and service attitude of our staff.


     The customer personally visit in Jinan Sumspring Experement Instrument Co. Ltd. and discuss instrument performance with our engineer, to further increase the understanding and trust with each other. Customers said we will maintain a long-term cooperative relations in the future .

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