Film detection equipment for UPP   Release time:2016-10-27

The joint application of polyethylene plastic products company / backplane production of polypropylene film, in addition to washing powder or film industry co extruded plastic bags, also relates to industry and health products industry. The company has 25000 square meters of production equipment and 400 outstanding employees, annual production capacity of 45000 tons, has become one of the largest soft packaging companies in the middle east. Saudi Arabia United plastic products company is located in Jeddah, to provide quality products and services for Europe, Middle East and Africa market.

Film detection equipment

Film detection equipment

    United plastic products company in two batches of procurement and testing equipment from our films, including thermal shrinkage tester, friction coefficient tester, the control system of the quality management of the enterprise, the production management is more standardized, so as to provide high-quality products for customers, enhance the customer experience.

    Today, the United plastic products company has appointed SUMSPRING as our film detection equipment suppliers, this is our departments actively cooperate with all employees over the years of constant effort, is also very pleased to get recognized by both domestic and foreign customers.

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