UAS A.F. Purchase COF and Peel Tester   Release time:2016-10-12
       Recently,FPT-03 COF and Peel tester manufactured by Sumspring is exported to the United States A.F. Innovations Consultants LLC.

       A.F. Innovations Consultants, LLC are proud to support flexible packaging industries, manufacturers, and sellers in the areas of Thermal Lamination Films, Hot Melt Adhesive, Labeling heat seal coatings, Water Based heat seal coatings, and in all areas of Food, Medical and Industrial Heat Seal Coatings. These coatings/adhesives have won many accolades due to their high performance, durability and excellent adhesion to various plastic, foils and paper substrates including low surface energy substrates.


       At this time,The FPT-03 COF and Peel tester combine the coefficient of friction test faction and 180 °peel strength test faction into one.Only by switching the fixture in one instrument can be completed :  static and dynamic coefficient of friction test, and the peel strength test in small force value for a variety of composite products, medical adhesive patch, release paper, protective film, mobile phone touch screen products .Its multi-purpose feature help the user  not only  to save the procurement costs but save operating time and improve work efficiency.

       In addition Sumspring and A.F. Innovations Consultants LLC can cooperate smoothly is benefit from Sumspring has a the higher Trade Assurance on Alibaba,Let them have full confidence in us in a short time.

       Through this cooperation, we establish a good relationship with each other,Mr Firdosi of A.F. Innovations Consultants LLC will come to China to visit Sumspring factory to discuss further cooperation projects in the early next year.We will do our best to provide professional packaging material quality control solution to our clients.

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