Importants of medical package technical strength   Release time:2016-06-18

 New industrial development, pharmaceutical packaging testing equipment technical level always growing up. But we have to say, drug packaging testing equipment development still exist great shortage. Strengthening the management of the quality of the whole concept, formulation and revision of the guidelines and general technology covers the drug research and development of the source, production process, test terminal and the standard of raw materials, auxiliary materials, medicine packaging, material, and other fields, it is directly related to the pharmaceutical machinery industry's future development.

Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co.,ltd is a world famous packaging testing instrument manufacture, products cover plastic packaging, paper packaging, medicine packaging, bottles, containers, and other types of product packaging testing equipment, to help drug manufacturers or inspection agencies complete drug packaging safety performance test. 

package strngth tester
      Numerous Pharmaceutical packaging testing projects purpose to prevent drug testing unqualified drugs packaging into the market, to prevent drug metamorphism caused by unqualified packaging, to ensure the safety of the drug. This request is responsible for drug packaging testing personnel must have certain professional related quality, abide by every step carefully.

      Pharmaceutical packaging test equipment has been developing in the automatic and intelligent direction, strengthen product technical level, strengthen the drug safety supervision will continue to work over a long period of time is what the MOH, the CFDA and other departments focus on.

Jinan Sumspring experiment instrument Co., ltd could supply testing instruments for test packing seal and drug leakage strength, sealing performance, burst strength, tear strength and other indicators , more details about drug packaging testing instrument , please contact Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co., ltd.

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