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Tempered glass is actually a prestressed glass. Form a pressure stress on the glass surface by chemical or physical methods to raise the glass strength. glass under external force first offset surface stress, so as to improve the bearing capacity and enhance the glass itself anti pressure. Tempered glass is safety glass. Ordinary glass easily cut or hit the child after breaking a sharp knife shaped corner, causing injury to people. Most consumers prefer to purchase tempered glass in daily life. What method should be used to separately tempered glass and ordinary glass?

Stress characteristics become an important sign of true and false identification of tempered glass, which also from toughened glass manufacturing principles to the analysis, tempered glass is the ordinary annealed glass first cut into required size, and then heated to near the softening point, rapid and uniform cooling and obtained. Tempering treatment of the glass surface to form a uniform compressive stress, and the internal formation of tensile strain, so that the performance of the glass can be greatly improved, the latter is more than 3 times the tensile strength is more than 5 times the latter.

Whether the glass comes to small particles or a knife after broken is the main difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass. But in the engineering test, it is not practical to use this destructive test. When purchasing furniture, we could not break down the sample to detect whether it is tempered glass.

polarizing stress tester

YLY-02  Polarizing stress tester

By polarizing stress tester YLY-02 we could easily identify tempered glass and ordinary glass: We can see color stripe in the edge of the glass on tempered glass. You can see the black and white spots by observation the glass surface layer. Polarized light can be found in the camera lens or glasses, observe the adjustment of the light source, so that more easily observed.

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