Cup body stiffness test analysis program   Release time:2016-08-11

       Paper cups are the chemical wood pulp (white board) machining, a bond paper containers are made of, cup-shaped appearance. Waxed paper cups frozen foods for use can be dressed ice cream, jam and butter. According to different uses can be divided into cold cups, hot cups and cups of ice cream .

 cup body stiffness tester

       Cups and closely related to people's diet, so the product quality of paper cups become a topic of concern. At present, our country requires  cups production management to food grade, it requires all the cups on the market which manufacturers must have QS quality and safety production license, the certificate number can examine its national quality and safety supervision bureau website It exists.

       Paper cups stiffness refers to the body when subjected to external bending performance, cups soft fall below the normal stiffness value is not strong will end up severely deformed, or even end it, to affect the use; cup body stiffness values compared large Beibi thick, will increase production costs. Therefore, detection stiffness cups become an important indicator of product quality. National Standard 2012 AQSIQ promulgated "GB / T27590-2011 cups" clearly cups stiffness test data and testing methods. Cups cups stiffness divided according to the size of the high-class product, first-class products and quality products, the reference data as follows:


Cups body stiffness test method is as follows:
1. Place the sample cup on the paper cup body stiffness tester bench activities, regulate the activities of the carriage so that the endpoint gauge measuring end with the ratchet device near the cup side wall, side head about the vertical distance from the bottom of the cup two-thirds of high cup, and test cups cup body seams toward testers.
2. Adjust the position of the pressure gauge, the pressure gauge measuring head just to make vertical contact with the sidewall of the cup, adjust the pressure gauge zero, then tighten the screws.
3. After the rotation of the ratchet handle so that the tip is moved forward (9.5 ± 0.5) mm to about 1 s, returned to handle, record the maximum value shown on the dynamometer is the stiffness of the cup body.
    After the test, according to data the cup body stiffness to divide the cups quality level. Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co.,ltd specially developed for the production of Cup body stiffness test, using automatic electronic test equipment, large LCD microcomputer control system, the device is equipped with micro-printer, can print out the test data, the probe uses double-headed structure, higher test stability, more accurate data. Not only for small cups, also applies to some instant noodles drum, small popcorn bucket stiffness testing. By detecting professional equipment, product quality is improved paper cups, while helping to improve people's quality of life.

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