Sterile drug packaging tester for HPGC   Release time:2016-07-01

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned holding Sino foreign joint ventures, with the Harbin General Pharmaceutical Factory, Harbin Sanjing, Harbin Pharmaceutical Factory, Harbin Pharmaceutical Medicine Company, Hayao biological, pharmaceutical vaccine well-known domestic drug manufacturing enterprises and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Harbin Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd., Harbin Pharmaceutical Marketing Co., Ltd., commercial circulation enterprises. Harbin Pharmaceutical Group make full use of the brand for the company accumulated the rich resources and conditions, with a greater boldness of vision implementation of Engineering Science and technology innovation, become the domestic well-known pharmaceutical enterprises.

Through deep communication on testing machine,  Harbin Pharmaceutical Group field to Sumspring company investigation and decide to purchase  test sterile drug packaging tester from Sumspring. This is not the first cooperation between the two sides, we are deeply grateful for the trust of Harbin Pharmaceutical group. Sumspring and will continue to work hard to help the national drug quality and safety.

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