Custom made bending tester for Armstrong   Release time:2016-07-01

Armstrong is the global leading designer and manufacturer for Ceiling and floor system. Armstrong have factories and branches in many countries and regions around the world, supply inddor solutions for home decoration, office decoration, medical environment, education environment, and even shops, restaurants in order to help increase comfort, reduce construction time, improve building energy conservation of the whole and the overall performance, and create a comfortable and beautiful space.

Bending tester for armstrong

Armstrong commercial floor are made from polymer materials, the softness and bending stiffness directly affect product comfort and life. The market existing equipment cannot meet the requirements because the material is special.

For Armstrong flooring (China) Co., Ltd. R & D personnel ask Sumspring engineers and seek solutions. Sumspring designer cumtom-made special test fixture equipped with in TD-10A bending tester according to the characteristics of commercial floor and the application requirements. After many tests, get the Armstrong fully recognized.

bending tester for floor

Sumspring is a professional high-tech companies engaged in detecting instrument research and production. For a number of enterprises tailored to various types of testing equipment, to meet the requirements of various types of personalized. Sumspring will continue to improve their own technical strength to meet user requirements

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