ECT crush strength tester   Release time:2016-07-01

Mongolia Mengniu Dairy(Group) Limited is China's leading supplier of dairy products who focused on the development and production for the Chinese dairy products. It established a whole chain-end quality assurance system. Provide protection for our nutritional health. As we all know, dairy safety affects the nerve of the whole society. And dairy products quality is one of the key factors related to the quality of dairy products. Mengniu Dairy (Beijing) Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the quality control of packaging materials, recently purchase ECT crush strength tester, boundary pressure sampler, peel adhesion stents and other equipment from Sumspring to meet their packaging quality test.

ECT crush strength tester

Sumspring ECT crush strength tester could complete many types of testing functions, for example the cardboard ring crush strength, compression strength, adhesive peel strength test, corrugated board flat crush strength, single-sided single-layer corrugated board flat crush strength test etc.. This machine can fully examine whether the paper quality evaluation standard. Sumspring ECT crush strength tester, cost-effective, high-quality service, highly praised by the majority of users!

Sumspring will continue its efforts for more business organizations to create a better quality of testing equipment!

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