Compression testing machine for Huiyuan Juice   Release time:2016-07-01

Huiyuan Group was established in 1992, is the leading company producing fruit juice,.Huiyuan brand is a household name. Since its inception, Huiyuan Group created more than 30 modern factories all over countries, links more than 400 acres of Tropical Fruits.

Carton compression tester

Huiyuan Group

Juice Package line

Huiyuan juice packaging line

Since the beginning of 2010, Sumspring offers multiple carton compression testing machine to many branches of Huiyuan Group for the outer carton quality control. Carton compression machine by Sumspring get down Huiyuan Group unanimous praise.

Carton compression testing machines manufactured by Sumspring is widely welcomed by custermers by its User-friendly design, for example four pillars, lightweight structure, the test data is stable and durable, easy to move etc..

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