MFY-05 Leak Tester Cautions   Release time:2016-06-21

Sumspring reminded users: Before using the leak tester Please read the manual. Instrument operation should note the following:

1. Note that the water level: the level observed in the vacuum chamber installed after the sample position, the water level should be higher than the inner cover (perforated cover) 10mm , too little water is not easy to observe bubbles, too much water in the pump vacuum caused the specimen surface rises, make some of the water pumped into the interior of the instrument, can not test or damage caused by the host. If the sample volume expansion particularly in the testing process, resulting in the water level rises faster, should immediately stop the test, and then reduce the amount of water to prevent water being pumped into vacuum.

Leak tester

2. Note the gas source: If you test use the test compressor, air compressor will cause water condensation in the air when compressed air , a larger amount of water condensation especially in the south, you should periodically drain the compressor tank bottom mouth, release which condensation of water to prevent water from entering the tightness tester host, causing damage to the instrument.

If every test frequency is higher, the air is humid, the air compressor capacity is small, the high frequency of water, at least once a day. On the other hand, the lower water frequency, need user's trial and error. In addition, the location of the air compressor should be lower than the instrument host position, prevent water flows slowly into the host. 

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