Box Type UV analyzer maintenance method   Release time:2016-06-21

UV analyzer is the paper packaging and aluminum foil production enterprises detection equipment. Sumspring Experiment  Instrument Co.,ltd manufacturer ultraviolet analyzer, once launched, by packaging and printing paper production enterprises the same recognition.

UV analyzer market is divided into many, there are three ultraviolet analyzer, black-box type ultraviolet analyzer, UV analyzers can be photographic series, different ultraviolet analyzer uses, works and maintenance methods are not the same. Today we invite researchers Jinan Sumspring Experiment Instrument Co., Ltd tell us something about black-box type ultraviolet analyzer maintenance methods.

UV tester

Box type UV analyzer with a camera obscura, no darkroom, all-weather use in a bright room. Lower part of the device as white light transmissive light, white illumination of large. Top box is equipped with two wavelengths of UV light source wavelength was 254nm, 365nm, according to your own needs, using one wavelength alone, it can be used simultaneously in several wavelengths. The products use electronic ballasts, so light weight of the instrument, the lamp is struck quickly, without frequency, visible light box drawer.

Black-box type UV analyzer specific maintenance methods are as follows:

1. The instrument should be placed in a cool, dry, no dust and no acid, steam place, instrumentation should be clean. Not a long time should unplug and close the shield;

2. Do not pour water and liquid spilled on the instrument

The glass is placed under observation if contamination 3. box, available alcohol swab to wipe clean.

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