Polariscope export   Release time:2017-09-29

      Ji'nan Sumspring is a professional manufacturers for a variety of packaging materials testing equipment specializing in the production of the  the products are in accordance with the packaging standard, not only occupied most of the domestic market, in foreign markets has also been widely recognized and loved.
      Our production of cap, torque instrument, sealing instrument, puncture force tester, as well as related medical glass bottles, testing instruments exported to all countries of the world.
      The Uzbekistan customers bought the division of the latest polariscope, this instrument authority, management, printing and other unique functions, so that our division of the instrument in the industry stand out.
      Customers have expressed great interest in our wall thickness gauge, axle deviation tester and so on. We will continue to pay close attention to them in the later purchasing plan and look forward to further cooperation with us.

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