Blister packaging peel force testing program   Release time:2016-06-21

Commonly we use plastic packaging technology to produce plastic packaging, and use the appropriate equipment for product packaging in general. The sheet after high temperature vacuum suction through heating, cooling molded plastic box shape. 

Blister packaging is generally a combination of solar panels made of plastic and cardboard from plastic shell, a wide variety of sizes and shapes. PVC molded outer edge of the top of the other three sides in addition to the distance from the edge of the paper jam is small, and the distance between the mold in contact with jams small, to increase the difficulty of pressing and holding. Here's a brief description of stripping program, the specific size and use in the actual production of the fixture may be changed.
      1. The overall schematic peel fixture

Tensile tester

2. The lower fixtures

Paper battery blister packaging for rigid packaging and sizes for quick clamping specimen using four fast clip holder, paper and plastic in the center of the stripping process will deviate peel force center, so use sliding table ( can move back and forth), the peeling process table can move with peeling extent that the center has always been in the force sensor axis. In addition, the entire table can move around to achieve different size paper and plastic packaging center adjustment.

3. Fixture

Upper jig organ type vacuum chuck buffered, can achieve a soft contact, avoid contact with the sample and the rigid chuck damage, mobile timely during peeling between the chuck and the workpiece.Auto Tensile Tester XLW(PC)-500N uses three high-precision springs in the stone's XLW (PC), the clamp is secured to the test on the force sensor values, ensure the center coincides with the axis of the force. Organ-type cylindrical object sucker can even be inclined plane adsorption can be molded packaging for batteries and other defects compensate uneven realize the strength of the sample holder.

This method is simple and applicable to different types of battery packaging sizes, adjust the position of the specimen is very easy to replace. Sumspring to provide readers with a solution to the problem device such packaging peeling force, if more economical and practical solutions, please call the exchange.

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